Here are a list of the Plugins that we regularly cover in class.
You may find options that are better suited to you,
this is a list useful for revision if nothing else.

In all of these cases, on your own sites, check that your Theme does not already include some of this functionality, and check for more recent plugins that may suit you better.

FancyBox for WordPress

A good image zoom plugin (from the WordPress website)

Easy Google Fonts

A well reviewed plugin that gives you access to Google fonts and some positioning.
Here you can see the font types graphically (much easier to pick from):

Contact Form 7

For simple free forms, there are a few options, but a popular one is


Working with Contact form 7, this plugin will show the submissions in the backend of your website

Really Simple SSL

A free SSL pluging, that is simple

Google Analytics

You can find many options for Google Analytics, from just inserting the tracking code to full blown dashboards.
As long as the tracking code is there, your visitors are being recorded.

Anti-Malware Security and Brute-Force Firewall

As mush as we hope to avoid malicious attacks on our website, they are a reality.
The best protection is a subscription service, but one that it good and free is this:

Simple Custom CSS

If your chosen theme does not include CSS customisation, this plugin will give you access to it.

WP Google Maps

If geographic location, or area is important:


Using tables for page layout used to be the norm, but is very frowned upon now.
You may still want to have a table for displaying data, and here is a simple one:

Shopping cart

Due to popular demand, this is not covered in class, but the most popular e-commerce / Shopping Cart plugin is: