The most recent doctor to add to the collection, is the most recent doctor. Jodie Whittaker proved to be such an unexpected pleasure.
When Am found out that the first lady doctor was going to visit, she left no doubt that she had to see her, and ideally meet her. so a sum of money changed hands, and we were set for a seat in the crowd and a photo.
I was amazed as to how good Jodie was with the questions. There were some wonderfully unique questions, and regardless of how inane they seemed, Jodie delivered on every one. As an example, the one I distinctly remember was someone near the end, saying they were originally from Birmingham, but they had been in Australia so long, they had lost their accent. Now there were  to be playing someone from Yorkshire, and did she have any tips. I don’t know how that could have been handled any better, but with almost no preparation Jodie launched into a very entertaining linguistics lesson. She went through the pronunciation of different words and names and had everyone entertained.

Jodie Whittaker, Am and myself
Jodie Whittaker, Am and myself

From that Am and I were straight to the queue for our picture. Us and a few hundred other fans. We were chatting to a lady with an excellent Missy outfit and the time went quickly. The one thing that am had said that she wanted was a dalek, which we found, and who was opened and christened Mr Da Da. I had a signed trading card from the Rittenhouse Archives cards

Then it was time to look behind the curtain. We were quickly ushered in, and Jodie’s face absolutely lit up when she saw Am. You can see just how much she is leaning into Am. Am held him up Mr Da Da, and I held my card. Click, photographer checked the picture, and out we go. Jodie didn’t even look at me!
Afterwards Am was marvelling that an actor as famous as Jodie Whittaker had visited Australia.