Here is a break down of what we will cover over the three weeks of the course.

The purpose of these notes is to provide an ongoing reference for attendees, as well as helping me ensure I don’t miss anything.

Please allow for some flexibility in this order, as I like to stop and answer questions as we go, and if there is interest that I do like to veer off on a tangent to fulfil students thirst for knowledge.

Week One

  1. Introduction to the course
  2. Introduction to WordPress
  3. Starting our first site
  4. Pages, Pages and Pages
    • WordPress backend interface
    • Creating and Publishing your first page
    • Blocks and Block options
    • Adding video
    • All Pages and Quick Edit
    • How HTML works
  5. Menus
  6. Settings
  7. Introduction to Themes and changing Themes
  8. Installing a new Theme
    • How to search and Install
    • Considerations when picking a Theme
  9. What is and
  10. Appearance Customisation

Week Two

  1. Recap of Pages and Themes (and any questions!)
  2. Adding Hyperlinks
  3. Introduction to Images
    • Image Library
    • Adding Images
    • Image Gallery
    • Inline Images
    • Images options (links, media file)
  4. Discussion on purchase of domain name and Web hosting
    • Costs
    • Issues to consider when choosing a Host
    • Changing Hosts
    • CPanel
    • Installing WordPress
  5. Introduction to Plugins
    • Image Zoom
    • Contact form
    • Google Fonts
  6. Search engines history and theory
    • Google Analytics

Week Three

  1. Recap of Pages and Themes (and any questions!)
  2. More plugins
  3. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
  4. Widgits and sidebars
  5. Adding additional Users (if there is interest)
  6. Blogging, Post and Categories (if there is interest)
  7. Free time ! (where time allows, including discussion of individual students needs and goals)

The intention is to add a you tube channel with filmed content from classes.
Hopefully introduced by 2020.