There is no doubt that most if not all original TISM members benefited from a university education.
The song lyrics are peppered with references to classical literature and philosophers

I’m not going to pick up all of them, but in case I have picked up a few that you have not, here are some of my favourites

When Dunsinane gets to Burnam Wood” – We Are The Champignons (Track 19 on Hot Dogma)
Well it is Shakespeare innit? The Scottish play (aka McBeth) in fact. This is part of the twist ending.
Now King, McBeth has sought assurances the three witches of his reign, and been given two guarantees. One is that McBeth cannot be killed by man born of woman, and the other is that he is safe until a local wood, Birnam Wood, marches into battle against him. Which it does.

Just a random thought. When I spoke to an assistant sound engineer for “De RigueurMortis“, he did say that some of the group were more dedicated to the album than others. I didn’t push the point, as i didn’t want to be writing about the less dedicated members, but it is interesting that in the 16 years from 1988 to 2004, TISM produced six albums, while  in the 14 years from 2007 to 2021 Damian Cowell put out eight albums under the groups ROOT!, The DC3 and Damian Cowell’s Disco Machine. As far as i know, with the exception of bass-man Jack Holt and his group The Collaborators, Damian was the only member to continue putting out music through the “TISM Wilderness” years.