Website coding and content creation & training, specialising in WordPress and the Adobe suite. If Bees is a small multimedia provider. Small, but full stack. Providing services in web, film, sound and image as well as training through short courses and customised solutions. If you are on this website, it is most likely because you have or currently are attending some of the training I provide. Please select the appropriate course: Should you need help with your website, we can assist with installing and configuring WordPress sites, debug existing sites. As far as the content goes, we can advise on practical techniques to create the words, and for everything else there is the Adobe creative suite. Images – we can create high quality photographs, or 360 degree immersive environments. Audio and video – we can help with transferring from old analogue formats (VHS, Video-8 & Hi-8 and reel to reel, cassette and MiniDisc) as well as creating and editing your content. To complete the package we have over fifteen years experience in training, both in a classrooms as well as corporate environments. If you have a need for website coding and content creation & training, we will do our best to meet it.