I think that this is where it sort of began.

Mum did love a bit of live theatre, and like dad with his Monty Python and Doctor Who, mum had her Barry Humphries and Two Ronnies, among others. Unlike dad, when the opportunity did arise, mum would take us to see these entertainers live, on their infrequent visits to Australia.

meeting Barry Humphries
meeting Barry Humphries, David, Barry and myself

One talent that didn’t visit Australia, but did return here was Barry Humphries with his alter-egos Dame Edna Everage, sir Les Patterson and Sandy Stone. I have memories of maybe three different shows that mum took us to. At least one, we were on the balcony with mums best friend Dell, and I was unhappy that I hadn’t got a gladioli to wave, which were being thrown around the audience. Another time, possibly the last, was at the old Regent Theatre which was on the corner of Bathurst and George street. Now demolished. This show was one that had songs about flora and fauna, which was actually a bit educational.

Anyway, mum didn’t mind a bit of hanging around at the stage door. I don’t know if she did this much before she was married, but I do recall a few incidents with her. One, again probably the Regent, was after a tour and show by the Two Ronnies. I was at an age to know who these guys were. Mum mush have knocked on the stage door, and was told that neither Ronnie wanted to meet fans. If we had something to autograph, they would oblige, but otherwise bad luck.

This picture was obviously taken when the performer was happy to meet with fans. I think that I was a bit confused because I though that we were going to meet the extraordinary lady who had been on stage. Not sure who this guy was.

Some time later I saw Humphies again with Scott, but didn’t update the picture.

Other artists I remember mum taking us to include Pam Ayres, at maybe the State Theatre. I remember mum asking for the stage door, and being told that Pam would come out to sign books and chat. We couldn’t afford a book, and so I don’t think we waited.

Them a few years later I was hanging around stage doors myself. First one I remember was Billy Connolly in 1982. It hasn’t ended yet …