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Quick notes Build and Publish a Website – Introduction (cheat sheet)

Useful links


Here you can find lots of Themes, Plug-ins, etc

The Easy WordPress Guide

Written by Anthony Hortin, (a Melbourne WP developer) it provides another excellant step by step guide to you basic WordPress actions

Malware Scanners

WordPress, being as popular as it is, does attract the attention of malicious attacks.
To protect your website, always keep your themes, plugins and WordPress itself up to date.
This is a good resource for some free site scanners (though most charge to fix if they find anything).


An excellent resource to start developing your knowledge of Web code. Particularly useful for adjusting styles (which can effect font type, etc)

Google Tools

You can run a fine website with no involvement from Google, but it is very useful to use Google analytics to see who is visiting your site, and the Google Search Console if you want to increase you Google Search engine ranking

Google analytics

Google Search Console

Lorum Ipsum

Text generator

Web hosting

WordPress themselves have a section with a small number of host sites listed:
These may not always be the best option for you.
Remember that a search will tell you that there are hundreds of options available.

Local hosting option (advanced users)
cPanel Quick install Example

Logo tournament

Completely unrelated to web things, almost, but if you are looking for a logo, I have had this service recommended: