This is a more recent meeting, and the first time that I paid for a photo at a convention.

I had paid to get an autograph from Alan Tudyk, and snuck a photo in there too.
This time I enjoyed the actor so much (I mean Withnail & I), and figured he was with the $60 or $80 or whatever they were charging.
I have since paid for it twice more, and that is the rule, I will pay for Doctor Who’s.

meeting Paul McGann
meeting Paul McGann

The picture was pretty straight forward. It was my first experience of the conveyer belt of moved it, picture taken, move out, repeat. I’m sure I made a quote to McGann from Withnail & I, just so he knew that i was one of the cool ones, but I’m sure he had been getting that for decades.

More fun was my recollections of the panels of this convention. we were lucky at the time to have three major characters – Paul McGann (8th doctor), Sylvester McCoy (8th doctor) and Sophie Aldred who played 7th Doctor assistant Ace.
Probably due to their numbers and familiarity with each other, they turned their panel into a riot. They were up and down from the stage, attacking a Dalek that someone had made and brought along, generally playing havoc. It was very much like a pantomime, and we loved it.