Herbert West is at it again

Trey Parker and Matt Stone are at it again, either ridiculing the appalling state of America, or making us submit to it through laughter.

It is hard to believe that it has taken less than 10 years for Trey Parker and Matt Stone to establish themselves as the naughty boys of American television and film. Between the two they write, direct and often voice their products, from Cannibal: The Musical to That’s My Bush, with a lot of South Park in between. This is their fifth movie, (unless you count BASEketBall which they only acted in) and each has had mixed reception. This one is a clear reaction to the Bush governments uber-right wing views and their creation of a terrorist threat in countries that America has a problem with. No great surprises there.

Looking for a little head ?

With this movie Trey and Matt have carefully crafted all of three jokes, which pretty much run the length of this movie:
* Making fun of foreigners really funny,
* Gay men are really funny and
* Puppets are really funny, especially fighting, having sex and spewing up

This film has plenty of guilty pleasures relating to these three things, and as educated students we can sit back at say that we understand that Matt and Trey are making fun of the people that actually swallow this crap, but then is there a difference?

I would like to have seen the jokes a bit more clever, but hey, I did laugh a lot.