Will Ferrel suffers Pole envy

How do you cash in on a decades old franchise without further proving that Hollywood is so barren of ideas that it is pathetic?

Bewitched is the latest in a long line of television shows from the 1960’s that have had the cinema make over. Some like The Beverly Hillbillies seemed to get it, others like The Flintstones were just going through the motions.
Giving credit where it is due, Bewitched has tried to put a new spin on the adaptation. The old television show was about a witch, Samantha, trying to live a mortal life, and finding love with mild mannered and often bewildered architect, Darren.
Using this basic plot, this film is about a witch, Isabel (Nicole Kidman), trying to live a mortal life, and finding love with self absorbed actor Jack (Will Ferrell) who is staring in the remake of Bewitched. See? It’s completely different – “We’re changing it from the original”.

Breathing new life into an old plot?

It is an OK attempt. The most enjoyable moments were the references to the original series. Kidman’s innocence is a bit hard to take at times, and Ferrell’s irritating Jack is just that.

This is a nice film, and one that will provide a few laughs, but don’t expect anything too deep. Looking at the original television series now with it’s innocent addressing of the ancient power of women, it seems so charming now, and this film completely manages to miss that.

Will Isabel find happiness in suburbia? Will Jack overcome his ego? What do you think?