how do you make the fighting start?

This is the first major film of the new millennium that has absolutely no plot.

You have two successful science fiction monsters, ‘Hey what happens if we put them together? Guaranteed bucks!!’

So this bunch of people go off to Antarctica and wake up a bunch of Aliens that were hibernating there. Then when things look bad, they get worse, a bunch of Predator’s comes along to join in.
Don’t worry that you won’t understand the story if you haven’t seen any of the films from either successful franchise, this film has circumnavigated the whole storytelling process by just dumping a bunch of monsters and creatures into a sealed building together.
the main event
Oh, yeah, they are in this ancient underground building that has been sealed up or something. I think that they gave some reason for it, but I can’t remember it, because all that we wanted was for these things to be fighting each other.


Human Bishop is just no contest

The money that they saved on scriptwriting got to be spent on chorography, and it was well spent.
All that you should expect from this movie is one hour and forty-one minutes of fighting. Unfortunately they do waste some time at the beginning of the film with showing us the alien fodder, but once the fighting starts it seems like it was all worth it.

A fun film if you are just expecting the fight and absolutely no plot.